Egg Foo Yung

Whether you call it Egg Foo Yung, or Lotus Egg, this Chinese egg dish is satisfying and quick to whip up.

One of my favorite lazy day activities is exploring dusty antique stores. Strolling through a shop, relishing its semidark mystery, letting my eyes wander until they alight on an item of possible interest, it's a bit like being a Peeping Tom. Antiquing gives me the chance to see how other people … [Read more...]

Touring the Ruins and More Summer Fun

I always thought people took Tours of the Ruins in exotic places, like the Roman Forum. Not my house.

I was scrolling through my drafts file the other day, hoping to find inspiration for something to write about, when I happened upon the silliest email I'd started. I recall doing it. We were sitting over pizza and beer a few months ago at a favorite hangout, and Dr. K suggested we should decide … [Read more...]

The Things They Aren’t Telling Us

Even though a picture is supposed to say a thousand words, still, it's difficult to grasp the minuscule details that compose a personality.

Our house took a direct hit from lightening last Saturday. I suppose that's appropriate, since it ushered in the National Weather Service's Lightening Safety Awareness Week 2014. After sharing the news with friends (both the Real Life kind and on Facebook), and doing a bit of research, I’ve learned … [Read more...]

Grilled Shrimp with Strawberry-Avocado Salsa and Flatbread

Versatile strawberries are the best. Here, combine this tart fruit with creamy avocado and mint for a unique salsa.

When I think of summer, I think of fresh, bright strawberries. The fruit is so versatile, it’s fun to put it to innovative uses. This salsa is full of contrasting sensations: creamy avocado, tart strawberries, and the peppery bite of mint. It’s the perfect accompaniment for many grilled meats. Here … [Read more...]

Grilled Potato Salad with Radishes and Tarragon

Grill Roasted Potato Salad

Our current living arrangements are what you might call cramped. We’re bunking down for the next six to nine months in a 36 foot Fifth Wheel, affectionately called Mabel by friends and relatives. Mabel is a pretty gal, but 350 square feet of space (and 3 feet square of actual dedicated cooking hot … [Read more...]

Hungry, Bird-Brained, Battered, and Fried

Deviled Egg South Water Kitchen

Do you listen to people when they express an opinion about what YOU ought to be doing, living, thinking in your life? I doubt it, because like me, your mind is already made up. You've already crossed that line, and waded into the deep end. And like me, you probably didn't see that the middle of the … [Read more...]

Shrimp with Tarragon and Cheese Tortellini

Shrimp Tarragon Tortellini

Two of my favorite go-to comfort foods are pasta and cheese. Since I'm an adherent of efficiency and common sense, I like to think that a four-cheese tortellini is the perfect food, combining two favorites. Make life easy and purchase fresh tortellini at your grocery store. It freezes well until the … [Read more...]

It’s A Dog’s Life

Collie in Fifth Wheel

I have a perennial attraction for strays and the forlorn, the lost, the lonely. When Harrison came home from college last summer, having just graduated, and informed us that our house was too big and we needed to downsize, as is typical, we listened, and put the house on the market. We would find … [Read more...]