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Lemonade Stand Philosophy

Lemonade Stand Philosophy 2.0

We were sitting on a sunny patio outside a busy restaurant in Aspen, lulled to somnolence by a vigorous hike, lunch, and a beer, when two little girls scampered up to a woman walking close at hand along the sidewalk, led by her leashed dog. They were very excited. “Have you seen the giant, 100 pound […]

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Unplugged - My Nomophobia Revealed

Unplugged – My Nomophobia Revealed

The first time I dropped my pristine, gold-burnished iPhone 6 Plus on the garage floor I chalked it up to trying to be too efficient. My hands were full of work-related documents — not, despite circulating rumors, bags of new shoes — and the phone simply . . . slipped from my hands. I picked it […]

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Words with Friends Police

The Words with Friends Police

There is an ongoing discussion at our house about how much time one spouse may reasonably expect the other spouse to devote to playing Words with Friends, the Scrabble-based wordie addiction. What is important to remember is that certain of the previous words are interchangeable: replace “discussion” with “interrogation” and “devote” with “obsess over,” and you’ll be able to grasp hold […]

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Shrimp avocado grapefruit salad

Shrimp, Avocado, and Grapefruit Salad

Grapefruit is not only a winter panacea, helping cure a certain longing for a basket full of ripe summer fruit. It can also be a welcome respite from strawberries and sweet cantaloupe, adding a bit of tartness to offset summer’s heat. Here, pair grapefruit with spicy shrimp and cool, creamy avocado for an easy to prepare main […]

Asian Veal Meatball Noodle Soup

Asian Veal Meatball Noodle Soup

Soup in the summer? You’re probably asking, “Are you crazy?” The quick answer is, “Yeah, sort of. Isn’t everybody, to some extent?” While not the response you may have expected, my thought here is that it’s August, and it isn’t possible to grill every night. There has to be some variation in what’s for dinner. But […]

Halibut Cucumber Salad

Halibut with Cucumber Radish Salad

When summer’s heat is upon us, keeping kitchen time at a bare minimum has top priority, which is why I’ll go to great lengths to figure out what to barely cook for dinner. The “dog days” of summer vary with whenever the nose of the dog star, Sirius, rises just before the sun, according to Greek and Roman […]