The Politically Correct Home Remodel

Our house is a reflection of ourselves.

Taking on a home remodel project is always daunting. It doesn't matter the size or the intention; the minute a hole is torn into a wall of your house, on purpose, a sort of nauseous recklessness settles in and for me, as the homeowner and principal design decision-maker, I waffle and quail, … [Read more...]

Crispy Baked Pork Milanese

Crispy baked Pork Milanese is quick and healthy.

Comfort foods can take all shapes and sizes. On a recent trip to Chicago to spend time with a sick friend, I noticed a quaintly lit Italian restaurant across the street from the hospital. Something about the subtle, yellowed walls and faded, red awnings with tables tucked beneath lured me to see … [Read more...]

A Serious Discussion About Leftovers

Food as art. Leftovers as psychological tool.

The refrigerator door stood wide open and I lingered in front of it, evaluating options. There was a salty-sweet, teriyaki-grilled salmon fillet I could pair with a still-perky cucumber and tomato salad. Another choice could be a chicken breast, enveloped in some sort of yellow sauce — was it … [Read more...]

Borsetti with Grilled Chicken and Zucchini Ribbons

Borsetti with grilled chicken and zucchini ribbons for easy meal.

Pasta and its myriad shapes and sizes were a mystery to me, until I did a little sleuthing. I discovered there are practical reasons for every length and shape of pasta. The prime consideration is what do you want your noodle to do? Do you need a sauce delivery device? Do you want it shy and … [Read more...]

Pasta with Shrimp, Pine Nuts and Basil

Shrimp, pine nuts and basil are quick to prepare.

I have a pasta bug the size of Toledo, Ohio living inside me, and every few weeks it grumbles, “Come on, enough already with the limited carb hang ups you've got going on. Feed me, Emily!” Maybe the bug isn't as big as Toledo (and quite truthfully, I've never been to that city, although I almost … [Read more...]

Egg Foo Yung

Whether you call it Egg Foo Yung, or Lotus Egg, this Chinese egg dish is satisfying and quick to whip up.

One of my favorite lazy day activities is exploring dusty antique stores. Strolling through a shop, relishing its semidark mystery, letting my eyes wander until they alight on an item of possible interest, it's a bit like being a Peeping Tom. Antiquing gives me the chance to see how other people … [Read more...]

Touring the Ruins and More Summer Fun

I always thought people took Tours of the Ruins in exotic places, like the Roman Forum. Not my house.

I was scrolling through my drafts file the other day, hoping to find inspiration for something to write about, when I happened upon the silliest email I'd started. I recall doing it. We were sitting over pizza and beer a few months ago at a favorite hangout, and Dr. K suggested we should decide … [Read more...]