About Stephanie Davis


About Stephanie Davis

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Stephanie Davis is a wine educator, podcaster, and brand ambassador. Her thirst for wine knowledge began in 2007 when she imagined transforming her life and becoming a wine professional. She left her 12 year career as a pharmacist in 2015 to give all her attention to her wine interests. Now Stephanie connects people and builds relationships in the wine lifestyle and edutainment spaces. When she’s not behind the microphone or attending wine events, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her husband in Fort Collins, CO cooking, reading and traveling the world.

Stephanie is a Certified Wine Educator (CWE), Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Certified Advanced Level III, a French Wine Scholar (FWS), and Level 2 Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Tune in to Stephanie’s weekly podcast called Wine Two Five.

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Emily loves partnering with Stephanie here on Feeding the Famished, where Stephanie shares her curiosity and love for fermented beverages. We both hope you find something to tempt and tantalize your taste buds.

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