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Connecting To Solve A Few Thorny Problems

I posted a photo of one of my rose bushes on Facebook the other day. In full bloom, the colors were lush and unusual. The next day there was a monstrous hailstorm. We get them all the time during Colorado summers. There are people who…

July 6, 2018
chicken thighs
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Chicken Thighs with Apricot Glaze

Easy to prepare, oven baked chicken thighs get a sweet touch with a fresh apricot glaze. Substituting frozen apricots if fresh aren’t available is fine because they will be puréed. There is no need to remove the skin. A whirl in the blender emulsifies…

July 6, 2018
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When American Apple Pie Met The Melting Pot

The other day at the grocery store, I picked up a copy of the Farmers’ Almanac and idly leafed through its pages while waiting to check out. Yes, it was that Farmers’ Almanac, still in print since 1818, the one full of planting advice, full…

June 8, 2018
roast chicken
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Roast Chicken With Garlic And Calabrian Peppers

Something magical happens when you roast garlic in olive oil and chicken drippings. By applying heat, garlic becomes soft, with a buttery flavor and texture. Garlic is from the Allium genus — other relatives are onions, leeks, chives, and shallots — a powerful bunch of…

June 8, 2018