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When American Apple Pie Met The Melting Pot

The other day at the grocery store, I picked up a copy of the Farmers’ Almanac and idly leafed through its pages while waiting to check out. Yes, it was that Farmers’ Almanac, still in print since 1818, the one full of planting advice, full…

June 8, 2018
the game of married life
Blog On the Homefront

Playing The Game Of (Married) Life For 35 Years

I’ll go ahead and admit it from the get go: I am a bit of a prude. The realization hit me after seeing — for probably the tenth time — a bridal shower banner on Instagram declaring: SAME [MALE APPENDAGE] FOREVER. The wording made me cringe…

May 11, 2018
flying with pets
Blog Wildlife

Pigs Can’t Fly, But Your Dog Can

Flying the not-so-friendly skies has become more stressful than ever. But we don’t have a lot of choices to get to Point B from Point A. And while you might complain about standing in line to get through security, or about the fact that airlines…

April 6, 2018
Blog Meditation

Oxford Commas, Colons, and Videotape

During a family dinner a couple weeks ago my fellow writer and brother-in-law and I were comparing our current writing projects. Somewhere into my second Old Fashioned, the discussion turned to commas. While his current writing falls squarely in the business genre — and…

March 9, 2018
Hitting the Reset Button on Defining Friendship
Blog Life Lessons

Hitting the Reset Button On Defining Friendship

A couple weeks ago a friend was having a work anniversary. I discovered this only because of LinkedIn, one of the social media platforms I intermittently weave through during the week, clicking “Likes” and occasionally sending messages. It’s not a social media platform I…

February 2, 2018
Blog Dishing It Up

The Food Trends Fallacy And What To Do About It

To prepare for the New Year, I did what all conscientious food writers do. I Googled food trends and although a bit blown away by the more than sixteen pages, I scrolled through the litany of food trend predictions. This meant wading through a pea soup…

January 5, 2018
This Is The Dawning of The Age of -ish
Blog Brainstorms

This Is The Dawning Of The Age of -ish

I turned 55 last August and decided a number is only that. A number is a line on a dial, a grasp at definition, a point from which all relativity must flow. For some, it may be an attempt to characterize one’s personality. For…

December 1, 2017
The Face of Homelessness Isn't What You Think
Blog Good Ideas

The Face of Homelessness Is Not What You Think

Chris Llamas will turn 27 next May. He might bake a birthday cake and whip up a batch of meatloaf, his favorite food. He learned how to cook from his Grandma, using her handwritten recipes. He hasn’t been able to cook for years, but…

November 3, 2017