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Fish Cheeks, and Other New Year’s Resolutions

Growing up, I had an irrational fear of fish. Live fish that swam, whether in rivers, lakes or oceans, because, unless they jumped, I couldn’t see them, or know what they were doing. Recently caught, slippery fish, because, as rigor mortis set in upon their…

December 28, 2012
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Off the Treadmill

We recently experienced an unexpected disaster in our basement, thanks to a frozen pipe which left six hundred gallons of water behind. As I sloshed through three inches of water, frantically dialing our heating specialist to figure out where the water turnoff was, I…

November 23, 2012
Life Lessons

Even Teenagers Have a Bucket List

I marked a milestone birthday this week, one which I’ll admit loomed large on the horizon for the past year. I dreaded turning thirty much more, which was twenty years ago. That age seemed portentous; it edged the corner into true adulthood and the…

August 10, 2012
Blog Life Lessons

The Blind Leading the Blind

Back in high school, when my mother would ask me what were my plans of an evening, I would shrug, tell her that my friends and I were headed to a game (the sport was seasonal-dependent) and then afterwards, who knew for certain. She…

May 18, 2012
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Is Blowing Out the Cobwebs a Measure of Success?

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate wind? It rattles my brains, leaving me scattered, in speech and thought. I manage to remain intact, bodily, since velocity levels only reach 50 miles per hour. Please remember that:  “only.” This time of year on…

March 30, 2012