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Hitting the Reset Button on Defining Friendship
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Hitting the Reset Button On Defining Friendship

A couple weeks ago a friend was having a work anniversary. I discovered this only because of LinkedIn, one of the social media platforms I intermittently weave through during the week, clicking “Likes” and occasionally sending messages. It’s not a social media platform I…

February 2, 2018
Derailing best laid plans
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Derailing The Best-Laid Plans

I am married to an obsessive-compulsive vacation planner. He is unable to go on a trip without making plans for the next one. I’ve tried to get him to relax, but that’s how he’s wired. As we sat in an airport bar last January…

September 1, 2017
rock paper scissors dilemma
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A Rock, Paper, Scissors Dilemma

I have a problem with dogs. I’m a total sucker for big, brown eyes, soft fur and the tails that are more metronome than windshield wiper, gauging my heartbeat’s rise with each swish to the right and left. But have you ever been walking to dinner in…

June 10, 2016
Unplugged - My Nomophobia Revealed
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Unplugged – My Nomophobia Revealed

The first time I dropped my pristine, gold-burnished iPhone 6 Plus on the garage floor I chalked it up to trying to be too efficient. My hands were full of work-related documents — not, despite circulating rumors, bags of new shoes — and the phone…

July 24, 2015
Valentine's Day dilemma
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That Whole Valentine’s Day Dilemma

I’ve never had a problem sending Halloween cards. They’re spooky and quirky (at least the ones I make are), and have nothing to do with heartfelt emotion. They’re all about fun. You can send a Halloween card to just about anyone. But Valentine’s Day…

February 13, 2015
Food as art. Leftovers as psychological tool.
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A Serious Discussion About Leftovers

The refrigerator door stood wide open and I lingered in front of it, evaluating options. There was a salty-sweet, teriyaki-grilled salmon fillet I could pair with a still-perky cucumber and tomato salad. Another choice was a chicken breast, enveloped in some sort of yellow sauce —…

August 29, 2014
Collie in Fifth Wheel
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It’s A Dog’s Life

I have a perennial attraction for strays and the forlorn, the lost, the lonely. When Harrison came home from college last summer, having just graduated, and informed us that our house was too big and we needed to downsize, as is typical, we listened, and…

May 24, 2014
Can you only have a good conversation in person?
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Why Social Media Is Like My First Wristwatch

I walked into a meeting one afternoon several weeks ago, feeling somewhat self-conscious. My one-and-only wristwatch had died the day before (days of a slow, lingering agony of skipped minutes, before it finally wound to a halt) but I wasn’t ready to give it…

April 11, 2014