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Oxford Commas, Colons, and Videotape

During a family dinner a couple weeks ago my fellow writer and brother-in-law and I were comparing our current writing projects. Somewhere into my second Old Fashioned, the discussion turned to commas. While his current writing falls squarely in the business genre — and…

March 9, 2018
Earth Day - We're Just Passing Through
Blog Meditation

Earth Day – We’re Just Passing Through

As we dove into the back seat of the Toyota Prius, the car’s wiper blades lashed madly at the splatter of raindrops on our Über driver’s windshield. But we were good. What with the rain, and now having a few minutes to spare before our dinner reservation, it had…

April 22, 2016
Lemonade Stand Philosophy
Blog Meditation

Lemonade Stand Philosophy 2.0

We were sitting on a sunny patio outside a busy restaurant in Aspen, lulled to somnolence by a vigorous hike, lunch, and a beer, when two little girls scampered up to a woman walking close at hand along the sidewalk, led by her leashed dog.…

August 14, 2015
I Think About theDress Therefore I Am
Blog Meditation

I Think About #TheDress, Therefore I Am?

I don’t know what the rest of you were thinking about the evening of Thursday, February 26th, but I’ll tell you from the start my worries had nothing to do with #TheDress. There, I did it. I used a hashtag in an otherwise properly parsed,…

March 20, 2015
Our house is a reflection of ourselves.
Blog Meditation

The Politically Correct Home Remodel

Taking on a home remodel project is always daunting. It doesn’t matter the size or the intention; the minute a hole is torn into a wall of your house, on purpose, a sort of nauseous recklessness settles in and for me, as the homeowner and…

September 26, 2014
Blog Meditation

The Things They Aren’t Telling Us

Our house took a direct hit from lightening last Saturday. I suppose that’s appropriate, since it ushered in the National Weather Service’s Lightening Safety Awareness Week 2014. After sharing the news with friends (both the Real Life kind and on Facebook), and doing a bit of research,…

June 27, 2014
Trees with foggy lake in background.
Blog Meditation

Listening To The Ghosts of Intuition

Listening To The Ghosts of Intuition Back in college, when things got tough and the tough needed a study break, we would grab a bunch of people, load them into a car, and head up Boulder Canyon to sniff pine trees. Sounds weird, you…

October 23, 2013
Blog Meditation

Finding the Bubble

Have you ever been stumped when trying to describe a person you know to someone else? You want to explain a situation, based on another’s personality, and there you are, waving your hands in the air, and saying, “Well, you know, he’s a lot like…

September 13, 2013