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Searching For Jamie, I Found Haggis Instead

We were headed for vacation in Scotland when I received advice from two friends coming from two camps of thought, both equally adamant, both diametrically opposed. I hope you find Jamie, one friend texted  — while the other pragmatically dictated I should give haggis a try. It…

May 5, 2017
Chasing France's Past to Define the Future
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Chasing France’s Past to Define Our Future

The other day I received an email from a longtime friend — someone I’ve partied with, worked on non-profit events to raise funds in our community, someone I’ve philosophized about the world with — and I read it, thinking it was going to be one of those…

September 9, 2016
The Thanksgiving That Time Forgot
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The Thanksgiving That Time Forgot

Thanksgiving — the time of year when Americans should never contemplate running away from home, even if temporarily. Inspired by the good intention of repairing a shredded nation, President Abraham Lincoln decreed a national Thanksgiving holiday in November 1863 after a Union victory at the…

November 27, 2015
The Secret to Herding Cats
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The Secret to Herding Cats

I have a friend named Gil whose primary goal in life, now that he has reached retirement age, is to improve me. At 53, I can walk, text, and not trip over the curb — all at the same time — and yet, he feels I’ve got…

October 9, 2015
Enchanted by Mud Season
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Enchanted By Mud Season

Sometimes, you are given a gift without even knowing you wanted one. It was early April when Dr. K sent me the email — half apologetic, a bit sheepish — that he had forgotten to cancel a planned week of vacation, after we’d nixed the plans months…

May 21, 2015
Pets know what suitcases mean.
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Rocky’s Road Trip

I’ve never been comfortable leaving my dogs at home when I go off on vacation. Granted, I have a wonderful pet sitting service, caring people who come by our house twice a day to feed my collies and give them lots of unconditional love, but…

August 8, 2014
Disney is colorful, noisy, creative, and bursting with vibrancy. It can be addicting, too.
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E Tickets, Easter Eggs, and Epiphanies

I tend to be a concept person, which doesn’t make me the most rational vacation planner. You could call me gullible, I suppose, or it might be more accurate to call me excitable. Suggest a destination, I’ll show you my vision. Share your dream,…

August 9, 2013
Iron Girl was unable to complete her Boston. They pulled her off the marathon course .3 miles from the finish line. She's going to go back, and run it again. She wants to finish the Boston.
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Life On the Tangential Trajectory

Once every so often, I make a mistake. Sometimes, they’re the little ones, the kind you can easily take an eraser to, or rub it out with your thumb. Talking on my cellphone, and missing the exit on the Interstate, is one example. Dousing…

April 19, 2013