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Cocktails The Next Round

Cranberry Daiquiris For a Crowd

Whenever we throw a party, our guests count on a theme, and the winter holidays are no exception. Holiday traditions are primed for continuity, which, for me, is what themes are all about. They provide us with a motif, a staple pattern without which…

November 23, 2012
Cocktails The Next Round

Doc Roger’s Lemon Drop Martini

Refreshing lemon juice and a good dose of Cointreau make a new twist in this variation on a theme of what can go into a martini glass. The Lemon Drop Martini, perennially popular and oh-so-potent. 3/4 shot* good quality vodka 1/4 shot Cointreau 1/2…

November 21, 2012
Irish technique
The Next Round

Black and Tan

A black and tan is a light lager with a stout poured on top. As Dr. K. is Irish, that means Harp Lager and Guinness Stout. Fill the glass halfway with the lager, tilting the glass as you pour to minimize the foam. You…

November 13, 2010