Drinking The Knock Water: A New Age Pilgrimage

Drinking The Knock Water: A New Age Pilgrimage

A New Novel by Award-Winning Author Emily Kemme

Drinking The Knock Water

Emily’s long-awaited second novel is available now wherever books are sold!

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From the inside flap:

Holly understood others thought her crazy for wanting to celebrate her daughter’s life that never was, but that didn’t mean her sister-in-law had the right to so cruelly cut her down, again. It left her shaken. Throughout her courtship and marriage to Roger, a prominent fertility doctor and her clinic partner, Holly had done all she could to please his family, to appease them, and to be tolerant of their religious views even though they were not her own.

Her clinic patients, whom she counseled and had chosen to include in the annual Fertility Tour were different this year. Roger questioned her choices which in turn made her doubt herself even more in her fragile state.

But the cruelty of Roger’s brother at her son’s Bar Mitzvah was the final straw.

From there the slow unraveling of Holly’s life speeds up and threatens to completely undo her, especially after she’s arrested. Suddenly she doesn’t know who she can trust anymore, not even herself. She starts to wonder if she was ever right about anything. And how can she possibly lead this group of people on a pilgrimage to the holy and sacred feminine sites in England if she’s not even sure if these people should be having children: “But … surely they realize having a child is only for the bravest among us? Don’t they?”

Drinking the Knock Water is a breathtaking novel that with searing honesty takes us on an emotional pilgrimage through the relationships that make us who we are.

Editorial reviews:

The US Review of Books: 
“Today exists for you to let your mind wander, let it free, all week long. This is the time for reflection and evaluation.”

Deeply traumatized after her daughter, Arella, is born dead, fertility counselor Holly Thomas struggles to achieve inner peace. Roger—Holly’s supportive husband and a prominent fertility doctor—accepts her grief-induced eccentricities, but his intolerant Christian family resents her and her Jewish roots. When Edward, Roger’s brother, openly belittles the Bar Mitzvah of Daniel, Holly’s son, tensions escalate, and her whole world threatens to fall apart. To overcome heartbreak and reflect on self-discovery and relationships, Holly and Roger take a group of patients from their clinic on a fertility tour. This tour becomes a spiritual pilgrimage for unrealized truths.

Kemme elegantly examines the complicated aspects of life and relationships. Using Holly’s experiences with a failed pregnancy, her in-laws, and Roger, Kemme focuses on how pain can shape and enlighten us. That religious intolerance can inflict significant emotional damage is depicted through Roger’s family members who weaponize words to hurt Holly. This, along with Holly’s emotional fragility, causes strain in her marriage. However, Roger’s unwavering love helps Holly stay somewhat balanced, letting her emotionally heal many patients who cannot conceive. Some of these couples include Leah and Rachel, the Rhanjhas, the Chandlers, Burbages, and Jane Brown and her mother. As Holly and Roger take their chosen couples on a fertility tour to England, various colliding elements within the patients’ lives emerge, thereby projecting how relationships bless or burden us. Pain becomes a recurrent theme in the novel, neutralized by the healing touch of water as a metaphor. Arella’s grave is near water, and the visit to the sacred sites of England serves as ritual cleansing for the characters. Artistically nuanced language and the sincere, soothing tone bring out the true beauty of this literary novel. This is an introspective, gentle novel that illuminates and rejuvenates in the same breath.

RECOMMENDED by The US Review of Books

Featured Amazon reviews:

Drinking the Knock Water is one of those books you can’t put down and when you do, it still stays with you. I could so identify with the emotions that Holly had to deal with in the story. Especially her in-laws. Talk about opinionated people who think they are always right, and who think they have the right to point out your failings!
Though I’m not someone looking for fertility treatments, I do want to go on that pilgrimage Holly leads her patients on. To wander through historical sites in England sounds like it would soothe the soul, certainly the soul of a woman trying to keep up with the expectations of the world around her.
The book is filled with rich sensory details of New York, upstate country living, family life, prison (yikes), and historic sites in England. I felt I was there with Holly, especially when she had to drive a finicky stick-shift van in England, and on the wrong side of the road.
You can tell the author did her research because it reads as authentic. I highly recommend this novel.

— Lynn.

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