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Spatchcock Roasted chicken with tarragon sauce
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Spatchcock Chicken with Tarragon Sauce

Roasted chicken is my go-to comfort food but chicken roasted in the oven doesn’t always get as crispy brown as you might like. Additionally, the white and dark meat cook at varying speeds, resulting in dried out breast meat. The solution is to spatchcock…

March 9, 2018
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Bistro Chicken with Mushroom Sauce

There is nothing more satisfying than a luscious, pan-roasted chicken breast enveloped in creamy mushroom sauce. I’ve taken Julia Child’s Fricassée de Poulet à L’Ancienne (Old-fashioned Chicken Fricassee with Wine-flavored Cream Sauce, Onions, and Mushrooms), and distilled down its essence to a more simple, easier to follow…

October 1, 2012