Roasted Veal Chops with Shallots, Tomatoes and Polenta

There is nothing as nice as a restaurant-quality meal prepared in your own kitchen.

Given a choice, I would much rather stay at home on a weekend night and cook dinner. Don't get me wrong, I love dining in restaurants too. But there are times when it's soothing to create a meal in your own kitchen, snuggle up in front of the television and pop in a movie. Since Mediterranean food … [Read more...]

Classic Ratatouille


Even though Disney may have made the French vegetable dish, "Ratatouille", a household word, I still encounter people who wrinkle their nose at my suggestion that I cook up a batch and serve it to them.  Invariably the response will be, "um, hmmm, not sure I'll like it but, maybe."  And the … [Read more...]

Flank Steak with Zesty Tomato Salad

Roasted potatoes are always a welcome companion for beef, chicken or lamb dishes.  Save leftovers for breakfast!

Summer's not the time to hang out in the kitchen.  And yet, it is a great time to visit with friends and family over a leisurely meal.  The key is to not get caught up in, what I call, the über-details; at the same time, good food well-prepared is memorable, and only adds to meals which will be … [Read more...]

Cappellini Caprese Pasta

This pasta side goes a long way, and is incredibly versatile.  It's kid-friendly, too!

Summer, and the living is easy.  There is no better word for summer than "Caprese".  Put together this quick pasta, tomato and basil side dish and serve it alongside any roasted meats.  Leftovers are great served chilled, with a slight 1-minute warmup in the microwave to allow the olive oil to slide … [Read more...]