Emily’s Half-Poached Half-Fried Eggs

Quick and easy, this no-fail method preps eggs for topping pastas, sauces, and of course, breakfast.

This simple egg recipe is a combination of frying and poaching.  The end result is an egg that retains its shape, with a browned bottom and poached top.  It's versatile; I use this recipe for breakfast, or whenever I want to top a stew or pasta with a perfectly-poached egg.  The runny yolk thickens … [Read more...]

Classic Ratatouille


Even though Disney may have made the French vegetable dish, "Ratatouille", a household word, I still encounter people who wrinkle their nose at my suggestion that I cook up a batch and serve it to them.  Invariably the response will be, "um, hmmm, not sure I'll like it but, maybe."  And the … [Read more...]