Chocolate Stout for Choctoberfest

by Stephanie Davis

Nope. Not going to succumb to the pumpkin spice apocalypse. Well, not for this blog anyway. Especially when there’s a chocolate stout now on my radar. My friend Kevin introduced me to this English ale last month, and I keep thinking about it. He was giving us a tour of his breathtaking, secluded log cabin home west of Carter Lake Reservoir and asked me if I like chocolate stout. For years my favorite chocolate beer was Shake Chocolate Porter from Boulder Beer Co. However, Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout stole my heart when Kevin slowly poured it into a frosty glass with a giant smile.

Samuel Smith’s brewery dates back to 1758 and is the oldest brewery in Yorkshire, England. You might know the northwestern county of England because it is famous for Yorkshire pudding, the birthplace of ginger beer, music legends Def Leppard and David Bowie, and also wildly popular soap opera Downton Abbey. You can also visit Samuel Smith’s local pubs and stay at their bed & breakfast style hotels. Are you planning your 2020 trip already? May and September are the best months to be in Yorkshire according to Fodors.

I digress. Back to the chocolatey goodness. The beer is soft, smooth and creamy with nutty and vanilla notes. It is a chocolate lover’s dream – not too sweet and not too bitter (28 IBU). Imagine reaching into your freezer for a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips and grabbing a handful to savor. Cold and slowly melting on your tongue. 

This award winning chocolate stout is not only organic but also uses Smith’s yeast strain that is centuries old. What a cool freakin’ beer! I also like their use of Victorian style glass bottles. Their bomber size is actually 550ml/18.7oz, a “Victorian Pint” as opposed to the traditional 22oz. The 12oz single bottles come in a handy 4-pack.

Day or evening, breakfast or brunch, this beverage is better than hot chocolate or pumpkin beer. Share it with friends and family that appreciate provenance. Consume with the people that make your life better. Bring as a holiday host(ess) gift or serve as dessert at your next party. Maybe a beer float with ice cream is in the near future. 

Click on the recipe link below for a different kind of chocolate fix.
Chocolate Lavender Tart with Lavender Ice Cream

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