DIY Frosé – How to Survive Summer

by Stephanie Davis

The year 2016 was one to remember, maybe not fondly, but one of the game-changers in the beverage world was the invention of frozen rosé — which was turned into the portmanteau frosé. We can thank the hip Italian pasta shop, Bar Primi in New York, NY, for creating this rosy, slushie, summer treat. Their version, whirled into frozen goodness by a slushie machine, was made with rosé wine, strawberries, and vermouth.

If you have never sipped a frosé, think of it as a strawberry daiquiri made with rosé wine. It is less sweet but equally refreshing. It’s a bit more elegant than a daiquiri. But even so, no cocktail umbrella required.


I shared my recipe with my best friend, Melissa “Missy” Lopez, who lives on frosé to survive the unbearable 114 degree Phoenix heat. She’s lost count of how many times she has whipped-up multiple batches of frosé for friends and family, but she did find the words to describe her love for the drink. Missy said, “If you want a refreshing twist to a party or brighten up a lunch with friends, serve frosé. It is a great alternative to a margarita and you feel so sophisticated drinking it!”

Don’t fuss over which bottle of rose to buy or what kind of vodka to use. Go with whatever brand you have on hand, or I recommend the Kirkland French vodka from Costco and their selection of affordable rosés.


DIY Frosé Recipe

To make this wondrous pink delight, all you need is a few standard kitchen items.

12 frozen rosé wine ice cubes (1 tray) – freeze wine 4-6 hours or overnight

1 ½ oz simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water dissolved)

2 cups frozen strawberries 

1 ¼ oz fresh lemon juice

2 oz vodka

Add rosé ice cubes, simple syrup, frozen fruit, juice, and vodka to high powered blender. Blend until smooth and serve in wine glasses with colorful straws. Makes 2 servings.

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