Emily’s Half-Poached Half-Fried Eggs

by Emily Kemme

This simple egg recipe is a combination of frying and poaching. The end result is an egg that retains its shape, with a browned bottom and poached top. It’s versatile; I use this recipe for breakfast, or whenever I want to top a stew or pasta with a perfectly poached egg. The runny yolk thickens a sauce beautifully. Or serve it up for breakfast, topped with salsa.

Emily’s Half-Poached Half-Fried Eggs Recipe

2 eggs (plan on two per person if it’s for breakfast; one if you’re topping another dish)

1 T butter

1/8 cup water

salt and pepper to taste

In large nonstick skillet with tightly fitting lid, melt butter over medium heat. Preparing two eggs at a time, gently crack eggs and slide into skillet, taking care to not break yolk. Cook over medium heat until edges begin to set. Cover with lid; a glass lid works best so you can keep an eye on the process. When yolk begins to film over, remove lid and add 1/8 cup water. Replace lid. Cook egg until desired doneness, about 1 minute more for a runny yolk and hard whites.  Repeat as many times as you have hungry people.

Emily's Half-Poached Half-Fried Eggs

Quick and easy, this no-fail method preps eggs for topping pastas, sauces, and of course, breakfast.

Trimbach RieslingStephanie Davis of Winacea, a wine education company, says that eggs deserve wine pairings, too. What is most important is what the eggs are served with, and ultimately, how they are seasoned. While she usually serves eggs with white wines, such as a dry Riesling or a textured white blend from France’s southern Rhône Valley, she cautions not to overgeneralize. If you like eggs, drink with a wine you like. Bubbly works great, too. And remember, eggs are nature’s best toppers, adding substance to a sauce.

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C June 5, 2013 - 9:30 am

Thank you so much for this recipe, it makes tender eggs with fully cooked and formed whites and I love it. You can make more than two at a time by starting with the glazoon method of cooking for a large group. It makes triangle shaped servings but it gets the job done faster.

Emily Kemme June 5, 2013 - 2:48 pm

I’m glad you like the recipe! It’s a simple and reliable method for cooking eggs, which can be eaten alone, or served on top of pastas and sauces. I put one atop my Pork Green Chile recipe, and also Chicken Marengo. Both recipes are on this site. Thanks for the “glazoon” reference. I’ve learned that this is what cooking an egg sunny-side up is called in Russia.


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