Jalapeno Pinto Beans

by Emily Kemme

If you need a quick and spicy side dish to add to any type of barbecue or grilled meats, this Jalapeno Pinto Beans is it.  This dish allows you to concentrate on other parts of the menu without much worry.

Jalapeno Pinto Beans

2   15 1/2 oz  cans pinto beans, drained

1/2    jalapeño, seeded and diced

2 T brown sugar

1 tsp minced cilantro (if dried.  If fresh, use 1 T)

1/3 c. white vinegar

3 T spicy barbecue sauce

Combine all ingredients in small pot and stir gently to mix.  Heat on simmer, covered, stirring occasionally.  Keep warm until ready to serve.


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