Phillip’s Bourbon-Sweet Grilled Peaches

by Emily Kemme

Phillip’s Bourbon-Sweet Grilled Peaches

Dinner is over, and everybody is happy, satisfied and pleasantly stuffed full of food. It’s just the right amount, Goldilocks—except for that one, lingering thought. Wouldn’t it be nice to have dessert? Something simple, a bit sweet and that won’t take hours in the kitchen? The grill is still warm so it’s easy to fire it up a bit, throw on some fresh peaches and serve them up in bowls. A little ice cream alongside won’t hurt anyone’s feelings, either. . .

All you’ll need:

Fresh, firm peaches, halved and pitted (plan on one peach per person)



Turbinado sugar (this coarse, brown, unrefined sugar is from cane, and is healthier than white sugar. Find it in health food stores and larger grocery stores)

Kosher salt

Vanilla ice cream


Sweetly tart, grilling coaxes out the peach’s natural sugars. A perfect end to a summer meal. It’s just right, Goldilocks.

The bourbon-to-honey ratio is half and half, and the amount you’ll need depends on the number of people who are partaking. A good rule of thumb, for six peaches, is one cup bourbon to one cup honey, whisked in a medium bowl. Adjust as required, and use more if you’d prefer more sauce, or if you’re sipping bourbon.

Add peach halves, stirring gently to coat with bourbon-honey glaze. Using long-handled tongs, place peach halves on grill, cut side up, for one minute. Flip peaches so cut side is down, and grill until fork tender. Reserve any leftover glaze for later.

Remove peaches to individual serving bowls. Spoon with remaining glaze. Sprinkle with a pinch of turbinado sugar and pinch of kosher salt. Serve nestled up to a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Happy Summer!

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