Tower Station IPA

by Stephanie Davis

American football kicks-off this time of year, and I’m right there with the fans drinking beer and cheering for Colorado State University and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I have girly koozies in various shapes, sizes, and sparkles to use at the tailgates, stadiums, or the Fort Collins Steelers bar. Deciding on which beer to drink is the first step. After that, the koozie choice falls into place. This season I plan to be drinking Tower Station IPA (India Pale Ale) from Mother Road Brewing in Flagstaff, Arizona securely wrapped in my silver-sparkly unicorn koozie.

I stayed with my big brother, Clay Janson, in Phoenix last month, and he introduced me to his favorite new craft brew, Tower Station. It was perfect timing because I was on the hunt for a beer adventure and this balanced and tangy ale delivered. Even with 70 IBUs (International Bitter Units) and a heavy alcohol strength of 7.3% ABV, it drinks surprisingly smooth and delivers a light, clean taste.

Tower Station IPA is unfiltered, amber in color and expresses citrus aromas without being overly fruity. The full aperture end design of the can allows the entire lid to be removed. Essentially, the beer can converts into a drinking glass! This feature allows the aromatics, flavors, and colors to reach your senses more directly.

Whether it is a hot and sunny football Saturday or a cold and snowy Sunday, grab yourself a 4-pack of Tower Station IPA and find the enjoyment of life. Explore the craft beer scene in Arizona and follow your curious palate. 

Note: As of this posting, Mother Road Brewing Company distributes their beers in Arizona.  You might have to make a road trip to wheel it back to your tailgate.

Go Rams!

Go Steelers!

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