You asked and I listened

by Emily Kemme
It Starts With a Fish

My new book, It Starts With a Fish, is out now!

Ok, folks! After years of being asked to publish my Feeding the Famished blog posts, this is Step 1. My pandemic project, It Starts With a Fish took several years to complete.

It Starts With a Fish tracks the progress of discovering a (writing) voice, from the point-of-view of a lawyer, housewife, and an insecure mom, who knows she has ideas to share with the world. Written with incisive wit and often self-deprecating humor, this is a carefully selected anthology of stories from Feeding the Famished, the blog that created a platform for Emily Kemme, who today is an award-winning novelist and freelance writer.

Available now on Amazon and Print version coming soon at local bookstores and on Amazon.

It Starts With a Fish
It Starts With a Fish is an anthology of selected stories from my blog, Feeding the Famished. The ebook is available now on Amazon and Print versions coming soon on those sites and in local bookstores.

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